F-Tile Ethernet Intel® FPGA Hard IP User Guide

ID 683023
Date 4/01/2024
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9.2.2. Clocks, Reset, and Interface Ports

Table 75.  Clock Ports
Name Description
i_sys_clk Clock source to drive TX deskew pulse generation logic. Must be connected to the F-Tile Reference and System PLL Clock Intel® FPGA IP clock source (o_clk_pll).

The clock frequency is equivalent to a half of a system PLL frequency, specified by the System PLL frequency parameter. The minimal frequency is 402.83 MHz.

i_reconfig_clk Reconfiguration clock for Avalon® memory-mapped interface.

Clock derived from the F-Tile Reference and System PLL Clock Intel® FPGA IP associated with the Ethernet IP port. The o_clk_pll frequency is equal to PLL frequency divided by 2.

When PTP is enabled, the PTP tile adapter's o_clk_pll is a clock input to the i_clk_tx, i_clk_rx Ethernet clocks, and i_clk_pll for Asynchronous mode, for all Ethernet modes.

Table 76.  Reset Ports
Name Description
i_rst_n Active-low reset signal synchronous to the i_sys_clk clock.

Intel recommends connecting the reset to the synchronized version of the o_tx_pll_locked output signal of an active Ethernet IP port.

You must assert this reset when the i_sys_clk clock is not stable.


Active-high reconfiguration reset signal. Resets the entire reconfiguration clock domain.

You must assert this reset after power-on or during configuration. The i_reconfig_clk must be stable before deasserting this reset.

Table 77.  Interface Ports
Name Description
ptp_link Represents a logical connection between PTP Tile Adapter and the Ethernet IP with enabled PTP.

During Support-Logic Generation, if the ptp_link is connected, the IP flow generates a PTP signal bus between the PTP Tile Adapter and one or more Ethernet IP with enabled PTP option within the same F-tile design.