Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based Applications

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Date 7/23/2021
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Using the Resource Editor to Insert an ActiveX Control

To add ActiveX controls to a dialog box:

  • In the Dialog Editor window, right click and hold to display the pop-up (shortcut) menu. Input focus must be in the dialog box or in the window.


To display the Dialog Editor window, follow the steps in Designing a Dialog Box Overview.

  • Select Insert ActiveX Control... in the shortcut (right-click) menu. A dialog box displays the list of ActiveX controls that are registered on your system.

  • Select one of the listed controls and click OK to add it to your dialog box.

Once you insert the ActiveX control, you can modify it, just like other controls using the resource editor. You can move, resize, and delete the ActiveX control. You can also modify its properties. ActiveX controls often support a large set of properties.