Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based Applications

ID 757211
Date 7/23/2021
Document Table of Contents

Using ActiveX* Controls

The dialog routines support the use of ActiveX* controls. This means that the dialog routines can act as an ActiveX control container.

Using an ActiveX control in a dialog box requires four steps discussed in the following sections:

  1. Using the resource editor to insert the ActiveX control into the dialog box.

  2. Using the Intel® Fortran Module Wizard to generate a module that allows you to use the methods, properties, and events of the ActiveX control from Fortran.

  3. Adding code to your application to manipulate the ActiveX control and respond to control events.

  4. How to ensure that the ActiveX control and the dialog procedure ActiveX container DLL are present and registered on the target system.