Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based Applications

ID 757211
Date 7/23/2021
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Using Text Colors

SETTEXTCOLORRGB (or SETTEXTCOLOR) and SETBKCOLORRGB (or SETBKCOLOR) set the foreground and background colors for text output. All use a single argument specifying the color value (or color index) for text displayed with OUTTEXT and WRITE. For the color index functions, colors are represented by the range 0-31. Index values in the range of 16-31 access the same colors as those in the range of 0-15.

You can retrieve the current foreground and background color values with GETTEXTCOLORRGB and GETBKCOLORRGB or the color indexes with GETTEXTCOLOR and GETBKCOLOR. Use SETTEXTPOSITION to move the cursor to a particular row and column. OUTTEXT and WRITE print the text at the current cursor location.

For more information on these routines, see the appropriate routines in the Language Reference.