Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based Applications

ID 757211
Date 7/23/2021
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The Include (.FD and .H) Files

Each control in a dialog box has a unique integer identifier. When the Resource Editor creates the C language include file (.H), it assigns each control and the dialog box an integer value. You can read the list of names and values in your dialog boxes include file (for example, RESOURCE.H). To view and modify the named constants, click Resource Symbols in the Edit menu.

Intel Fortran provides a tool named DEFTOFD that recognizes the definitions in a C language include file (.H) and creates a corresponding Fortran include file (.FD). The Fortran include file uses the PARAMETER attribute to define named constants for each resource.

The resource .H file must be added to your project and assigned a Custom Build step in order to recreate the resource.fd file when resource.h changes. (See Designing a Dialog Box Overview for more information.)

When your application uses a control, it can refer to the control or dialog box by its name (for example, IDC_SCROLLBAR_TEMPERATURE or IDD_TEMP), or by its integer value. If you want to rename a control or make some other change to your dialog box, you should make the change through the Resource Editor in the integrated development environment. Do not use a text editor to alter your .H or .FD include file because the dialog resource will not be able to access the changes.