Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based Applications

ID 757211
Date 7/23/2021
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Editing Text and Graphics from the QuickWin Edit Menu

From the QuickWin Edit menu you can choose the Select Text, Select Graphics, or Select All options. You can then outline your selection with the mouse or the keyboard arrow keys. When you use the Select Text option, your selection is highlighted. When you use the Select Graphics or Select All option, your selection is marked with a box whose dimensions you control.

Once you have selected a portion of the screen, you can copy it onto the Clipboard by using the Edit/Copy option or by using the Ctrl+INS key combination. If the screen area you have selected contains only text, it is copied onto the Clipboard as text. If the selected screen area contains graphics, or a mix of text and graphics, it is copied onto the Clipboard as a bitmap.

The Edit menu's Paste option will only paste text. Bitmaps can be pasted into other Windows applications from the Clipboard (with the Ctrl+V or Shift+INS key combinations).

Remember the following when selecting portions of the screen:

  • If you have chosen the Select All option from the Edit menu, the whole screen is selected and you cannot then select a portion of the screen.

  • Text selections are not bounded by the current text window set with SETTEXTWINDOW.

  • When text is copied to the Clipboard, trailing blanks in a line are removed.

  • Text that is written to a window can be overdrawn by graphics. In this case, the text is still present in the screen text buffer, though not visible on the screen. When you select a portion of the screen to copy, you can select text that is actually present but not visible, and that text will be copied onto the Clipboard.

  • When you choose Select Text or Select Graphics from the Edit menu, the application is paused, a caret (^) appears at the top left corner of the currently active window, all user-defined callbacks are disabled, and the window title changes to "Mark Text - windownam "or "Mark Graphics - windowname", where windowname is the name of the currently active window.

    As soon as you begin selection (by pressing an arrow key or a mouse button), the Window title changes to "Select Text - windowname" or "Select Graphics - windowname" and selection begins at that point. If you do not want selection to begin in the upper-left corner, your first action when "Mark Text" or "Mark Graphics" appears in the title is to use the mouse to place the cursor at the position where selection is to be begin.