Using Intel® Visual Fortran to Create and Build Windows*-Based Applications

ID 757211
Date 7/23/2021
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Displaying Font-Based Characters

Because the Intel Visual Fortran Graphics Library provides a variety of fonts, you must indicate which font to use when displaying font-based characters. After you select a font, you can make inquiries about the width of a string printed in that font or about font characteristics.

The following functions control the display of font-based characters:




Returns the current font characteristics


Determines the width of specified text in the current font


Gets the current orientation for font text output in 0.1º increments


Initializes the font library


Sends text in the current font to the screen at the current graphics output position


Finds a single font that matches a specified set of characteristics and makes it the current font used by OUTGTEXT


Sets the current orientation for font text output in 0.1º increments

Characters may be drawn ("mapped") in one of two ways: as bitmapped letters (a "picture" of the letter) or as TrueType characters. See Using Fonts from the Graphics Library Overview, for detailed explanations and examples of how to use the font routines from the QuickWin Library.

For more information on these routines, see the Language Reference.