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  • 2022.2
  • 08/08/2022
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Function Aggregation

In most respects the Function Aggregation works exactly like the Process Aggregation. It enables you to edit function group definitions and to choose a function group for aggregation in a View. The only addition is that you can assign colors to functions and function groups through the context menu\.
Open the Function Aggregation dialog box through
Advanced > Function Aggregation
or using the toolbar button.
To see the full function name, hover your mouse over a group entry and see a tooltip. The full function name (or static path) reflects the original definition of the function or group as stored in the trace file.
You can also manage function groups through the context menu of the Function Aggregation dialog box:
Intel® Trace Analyzer
For example, to change the color of any of the functions, select the
option from the context menu and apply a new color to the given function. To assign the color of the parent node to all the children, use the
Assign Color to Children
entry of the context menu. This entry is enabled only if a parent node is selected.

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