Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB)

Today's data centers require unique server solutions that run complex, business-critical workloads. Increasingly, it takes more resources to develop those solutions. Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) make it easier to adopt, qualify, and sell the latest Intel® technology, helping you address the demands of today's data centers. Choose from workload-optimized, pre-configured system or customize a server for your unique needs.

Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC (Intel® DCB for HPC)

  • Every high performance computing (HPC) workload is unique, use the Configure to Order (CTO) tool to customize a solution to meet your needs
  • Features the latest Intel® technologies in custom and workload-optimized configurations

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Cloud (Intel® DCB for Cloud)

  • Purpose-built systems designed to accelerate cloud deployments
  • Includes certified systems for market leading ISV software like Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and VMware vSAN

Intel® Data Center Blocks for Business (Intel® DCB for Business)

  • Pre-configured, fully-validated server systems designed for the needs of business IT
  • Choose from a variety of 1U, 2U, and pedestal systems based on specific business needs

Configure to Order Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB)

Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) are purpose built, fully validated server systems that can help partners accelerate time to market with innovative server solutions built with the latest technology. In addition to predefined configurations, Intel will also build servers to your specifications from a list of validated components optimizing the performance and costs when a more custom system is needed. For use by Distributors and Resellers, only.

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Intel® Premier Support Partners Offer World-Class Onsite Break-Fix Support, Parts Delivery, Re-Work, and Repair for Intel® Server Products

So that you can operate worry-free, through an extensive qualification process, Intel has created partnerships with world-class service providers. Intel® Data Center Solutions Premier Support Partners uniquely offer customers a choice of pre-qualified providers so that customers can select services that best fit their needs. Certified PSPs are trained on Intel® Server Products and have direct access to Intel’s technical engineering support teams. And, Intel® Data Center Solutions Premier Support Partners have quick access to Intel spare parts and accessories to support service warranties so that businesses can get the fixes needed to keep the business running.

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Find a Supplier

When you buy from Intel® Approved Suppliers, you get quality Intel® technology as well as the product knowledge to support customer solutions.

Reseller Benefits

Pre-integrated and fully-validated systems to market and help you enter strong and growing data center categories such as cloud, SDI, HPC, SMB, and others.

Speed Time-to-Market

Fully-validated building blocks reduce time-to-market, complexity, and costs of system design, validation, and integration.

Drive Innovation

Configured blocks help you focus R&D resources on differentiation and value-add while accelerating customer transformation to better technologies.

Intel Quality and Reliability

Intel's proven quality, reliability, and value assist pre-sale customer buy-in while Intel warranty and support boost post-sales confidence.