Frequently Asked Questions

Intel Unison is a new software solution that brings together different devices into one integrated experience. Intel Unison features PC and phone functionality and in the future we will be adding more functionality and form factors.

Following a simple pairing process between the phone and the PC, the user will be able to make or take phone calls from the PC, send or receive text messages using the PC’s mouse and keyboard, and see phone notifications on the PC screen. Also, the user will be able to seamlessly and bidirectionally share photos, videos, and documents between the phone to the PC. Intel Unison fully supports both Android and iOS.

Intel Unison’s supports Windows PCs1, Android phones and iOS phones (iPhones). Future releases will add support of additional form factors and expand the OS support as well. There are some OS minimum requirements that can be found in the Intel Unison app description at the different app stores.

If you purchased a new Intel-powered PC it may already carry Intel Unison as a preinstalled app. Most Intel® Evo™ devices already include the Intel Unison app and others will add it soon, so the easiest way to get it is to just search and find it on your new PC. If not there, Intel Unison is also available to be downloaded from the Windows, iOS, and Android app stores.

Intel Unison is available to be downloaded on any Windows 11 PC that meets the minimum requirements as they are detailed in the different app stores descriptions. Both laptops and desktops are supported.