Intel® NUC 13 Pro Product Brief

Power modern business with the astonishing performance of 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors in a 4x4 that fits almost anywhere.



Intel® NUC 13 Pro Mini PCs, Kits, and Boards offer the combination of size, performance, and reliability you need to drive modern business. 

It all starts with 13th Gen Intel Core processors that deliver outsized performance in a 4x4 form factor, with up to 14 processor cores (6P+8E) and up to 64GB dual-channel DDR4 memory. Select SKUs also come with Intel vPro® Enterprise, which provides comprehensive security, enterprise-grade stability, and hardware-based remote management.

The Intel® NUC Pro Software Suite (NPSS) helps to ensure digital signage applications keep running during any unexpected system failures. Businesses also benefit from advanced features including power control, hardware alarm clock, hardware KVM, boot redirection, beyond firewall support, cloud-based manageability, remote PC remedy, and unattended system control.

To provide an eco-friendly foundation for businesses, Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PCs and Kits are upgradable, reparable, and reusable. Some systems come with a five-year life cycle, and every system is qualified for 24x7 operation and designed to last with a three-year warranty from Intel.1

Product and Performance Information


Intel's three-year limited warranty is offered to direct purchasers. If you are a consumer, this limited warranty does not apply to you. For warranty support, please contact your original place of purchase.


On Select SKUs.


All versions of the Intel vPro® platform require an eligible Intel processor, a supported operating system, Intel® LAN and/or WLAN silicon, firmware enhancements, and other hardware and software necessary to deliver the manageability use cases, security features, system performance, and stability that define the platform. See intel.com/performance-vpro for details.


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