Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard



The wizard enables users to easily and quickly setup the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Note: “The Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard application will be discontinued from October 20, 2022. Contact Intel customer support with any questions.”

Available Downloads

  • Windows 11*, Windows 10* (21H2), Windows 10* (21H1), Windows 10* (20H2), Windows 10* (20H1)
  • Size: 57.4 MB
  • SHA1: 4C8789081E434A1749EB918474C208006FDB88A0

Detailed Description

This download installs the Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard on supported Intel® Core™ Processors.

Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard is a free software application that gets you streaming and recording in minutes by leveraging Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).

  • Set up a PC for streaming in minutes.
  • Authenticate into one of the supported streaming services, then automatically configure and tune the broadcasting software within the wizard.
  • Optimize efficiency of the Intel® Core™ Processor for encoding, sound, bandwidth, and other features to determine the best streaming quality possible.

Supported streaming services:

Supported recording configuration:

See this FAQ for additional application information.

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