INTEL-SA-00075 Detection and Mitigation Tool



This record contains a software download and documentation to determine if a system is impacted by the issue documented in the security advisory INTEL-SA-00075.

Available Downloads

  • Windows 8.1*, Windows 8 family*, Windows 7 family*, Windows 10*
  • Size: 13.2 MB
  • SHA256: 5BE83D38CA159FA459740385589E6E892293BC999186EA4DA88998D47624A319

Detailed Description


The INTEL-SA-00075 Detection and Mitigation Tool will assist with detection and mitigation of the security vulnerability described in INTEL-SA-00075. Read the Public Security Advisory for more information.

This download contains two versions of the tool. The first is an interactive GUI tool that, when run, discovers the hardware and software details of the device and provides a risk assessment. This version is recommended when local evaluation of the system is desired. This version does not provide automated mitigation support.

The second version of the tool is a console executable that saves the discovery information to the Windows* registry and/or to an XML file. This version is more convenient for IT administrators wishing to perform bulk discovery across multiple machines to find systems to target for Firmware updates or to implement mitigations. This tool does provide automated mitigation support.


Additional notes

  • Linux* users can use the Linux tool.
  • Additional information concerning this issue can be found at Intel Customer Support.
  • This combined tool replaces the previously released Discovery Tool and Mitigation Guide.