FPGA AI Suite: SoC Design Example User Guide

ID 768979
Date 3/29/2024
Document Table of Contents

3.4. Writing the SD Card Image (.wic) to an SD Card

Before running the demonstration, you must create a bootable SD card for the FPGA development kit. You can use either the precompiled SD card image or an SD card image that you created.

The precompiled SD card image (.wic) is in the following location:
  • Agilex™ 7 FPGA I-Series Transceiver-SoC Development Kit
  • Arria® 10 SX SoC FPGA Development Kit

If you built your own SD card image following the instructions in (Optional) Create an SD Card Image (.wic), then your SD card image is located in the directory that you specified for the -o option of the create_hps_image.sh command.

To write the SD card image to an SD card:
  1. Determine the device associated with the SD card on the host by running the following command before and after inserting the SD card:
    cat /proc/partitions

    Typical locations for the SD card include /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc. The rest of these instruction use /dev/sdx as the SD card location.

  2. Use the dd command to write the SD card image as follows:
    wic_image=<path to SD (.wic) image file>
    sudo umount /dev/sdx*
    sudo dd if=$wic_image of=/dev/sdx bs=1M
    sudo sync
    sudo udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdx

After the SD card image is written, insert the SD card into the development kit SD card slot.

If you want to use a Microsoft* Windows* system to write the SD card image to the SD card, refer to the GSRD manuals available at the following URL: https://www.rocketboards.org/foswiki/Documentation/GSRD.