MACsec Intel FPGA System Design User Guide

ID 767516
Date 3/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents TX Configuration Sequence

Figure 36. MACSEC set_attr() and set_sa_attr() Flows
Figure 37. MACSEC get_attr() and get_sa_attr() Flows
Figure 38. MACsec TX Configuration Attributes
Do the following:
  • Set the Tx basic configuration for the MACsec instance for the port.
  • Set the packet numbering limit value for the MACsec instance.
  • Set the maximum packet bytes supported value for the MACsec instance.
  • Set SCI value for the port.
  • Choose a security association and program the following configuration:
    • Set the rx Key value for the SA.
    • Set the next packet number value for the SA.
    • Set the confidentiality offset value for the SA.
    • Initialize all the stat configurations.
  • Set the “SA Enable” value to the chosen security association.
  • Set “Control port enable” to True for the port.