MACsec Intel FPGA System Design User Guide

ID 767516
Date 3/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents

7.4. Simulation Command Arguments

The following arguments are used when running simulations:

-h — Without any other arguments gives help option for the script with an example.

Example: sh -h
  • -g <value>
    • 0: run simulation without generating files again.
    • 1: If simulation is run for the first time or there is any change in IP file list.
  • -c <value>
    • 1: To clean up all temporary generated files.
  • -b <value>
    • 0: to run with lightweight MCDMA BFM.
    • 1: to run with rootport bfm.
      Note: An E-tile design supports the RootPort_BFM but an F-tile design does not support it in this release. The RootPort_BFM enabled simulations take longer simulation times and larger VPD dumps.
  • -m <value>
    • 0: run without vcd enabled.
    • 1: run with vcd enabled.
  • - d <"+define+macro"> (Specify the single/multiple verilog defines to be passed)