F-Tile Low Latency 50G Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 758946
Date 4/03/2024
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8.2. RX MAC Registers

Table 22.  RX MAC Registers
Addr Name Description Reset Access

RX MAC revision ID for 50G Ethernet IP.

0x0916 2016 RO
0x501 RXMAC_SCRATCH Scratch register available for testing. 0x0000 0000 RW
0x502 RXMAC_NAME_0

First 4 characters of IP variation identifier string, "50gMACRxCSR".

0x3235 674D


0x503 RXMAC_NAME_1 Next 4 characters of IP variation identifier string, "ACRx". 0x4143 5278


0x504 RXMAC_NAME_2 Final 4 characters of IP variation identifier string, "0CSR". The "0" is unprintable. 0x0043 5352


0x506 MAX_RX_SIZE_CONFIG Specifies the maximum frame length available. The MAC asserts l1_rx_error[3] when the length of the received frame exceeds the value of this register.

If the IP receives an Ethernet frame of size greater than the number of bytes specified in this register, and the IP includes statistics registers, the IP increments the 64-bit CNTR_RX_OVERSIZE counter.

0xXXXX 2580 3


0x507 MAC_CRC_CONFIG The RX CRC forwarding configuration register. The following encodings are defined:
  • 1'b0: Remove RX CRC, do not forward it to the RX client interface
  • 1'b1: Retain RX CRC, forward it to the RX client interface
In either case, the IP checks the incoming RX CRC and flags errors.
31'hX1'b0 3



Link Fault Status Register.

If you turn on Enable link fault generation, the following bit fields are defined:
  • Bit[0]: A bit value of 1 indicates local fault is detected.
  • Bit[1]: A bit value of 1 indicates remote fault is detected.

If you disable Enable link fault generation, bit[0] and [1] are always zero.

30'hX2'b00 3


0x50A RXMAC_CONTROL RX MAC Control Register. A single bit is defined:
  • Bit [1]: VLAN detection disabled. This bit is deasserted by default implying VLAN detection is enabled.
  • Bit [4]: Enable check for Preamble. By default, Preamble check is turned off. Write 1'b1 to this bit to enable preamble checking. This bit is a don't care when you turn on Enable Preamble Passthrough.
27'hX_5'b0XX0X 3 RW
3 X means "Don't Care".