F-Tile Low Latency 50G Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 758946
Date 4/03/2024
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7.9. Reset Signals

The IP core has three external hard reset inputs. Assert these resets for ten clk_status or until you observe the effect of their specific resets. Intel recommends that you perform a system reset before starting the IP core operation, preferably by asserting csr_rst_n signal. Asserting csr_rst_n returns control and status registers to their original value. Control and Status registers control three parallel soft resets. The six signals are summarized below.
Table 19.   Reset Signals




i_rst_n Input Active low reset asynchronous signal. Do not deassert until the o_rst_ack_n deasserts.
  • Resets the TX interface, including the TX PCS.
  • Resets the RX interface, including the RX PCS.
  • Resets the TX PMA and TX EMIB.
  • Resets the RX PMA and RX EMIB.

This reset leads to the assertion of the o_rst_ack_n output signals.

o_rst_ack_n Output Active low asynchronous acknowledgement signal for i_rst_n.

Do not deassert i_rst_n until the o_rst_ack_n asserts.

i_tx_rst_n Input Active low reset asynchronous signal. Resets the TX datapath, including the TX PCS, TX MAC, TX PMA, and TX EMIB. Do not deassert until the o_tx_rst_ack_n asserts.
o_tx_rst_ack_n Output Active low asynchronous acknowledgement signal for the i_tx_rst_n. Do not deassert i_tx_rst_n until the o_tx_rst_ack_n asserts.
i_rx_rst_n Input

Active low hard reset signal. Resets the RX datapath, including the RX PCS, RX MAC, RX PMA, and RX EMIB. Do not deassert until the o_rx_rst_ack_n asserts.

o_rx_rst_ack_n Output Active low asynchronous acknowledgement signal for the i_rx_rst_n. Do not deassert i_rx_rst_n until the o_rx_rst_ack_n asserts.
i_reconfig_reset Input Active high reconfiguration reset signal. Reset the entire transceiver and Ethernet reconfiguration clock domain, including the soft registers (CSRs).

You must assert this reset after power-on or during the configuration. The reconfig_clk must be stable before deasserting this reset.

csr_rst_n Input

Active low hard reset. Resets the MAC control, status, and statistics registers.


Acknowledge signal for i_rx_rst_n. Active low. You must should not deassert i_rx_rst_n until o_rx_rst_n is asserted.

O_tx_lanes_stable   Asserted when TX Datapath is ready to send data; deasserts when i_tx_rst_n/i_rst_n i_tx_rst_n/i_rst_n is asserted, Active high.