AN 841: Signal Tap Tutorial for Intel® Stratix® 10 Partial Reconfiguration Design

ID 683875
Date 1/28/2022

2.4.3. Setting Trigger Conditions

Direct the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer to record data only after u_blinking_led|led_three_on or u_blinking_led|led_two_on does a rising edge transition:

To set trigger conditions for the current revision:

  1. In the Setup tab of the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer window, turn on the box under the Trigger Condition column
  2. Open the drop-down menu and select Basic OR.
  3. For u_blinking_led|led_three_on and u_blinking_led|led_two_on, turn on Trigger Enable and select Rising Edge as the trigger type.
  4. For all the other signals, turn off Trigger Enable.
Figure 25. Trigger Conditions

Defining trigger conditions completes the Signal Tap instance configuration.

Save your changes before you continue to compiling the design.