Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Partial Reconfiguration

ID 683834
Date 4/03/2023

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A.1.3. Use Case 3: Hierarchical Partial Reconfiguration

Use Case 3: Hierarchical Partial Reconfiguration (HPR) uses the same steps as Use Case 1: Partial Reconfiguration with the PR Region Controller IP, but there are specific requirements for the child PR partitions in the hierarchy of partitions.

  1. For an HPR child partition, you must apply the M20K_CE_CONTROL_FOR_PR directly to the ports of the child HPR partition.
  2. You must apply a separate M20K_CE_CONTROL_FOR_PR assignment for the signal that you provide for the parent partition.
Figure 92. HPR Connections and Assignments for the M20K CE Control Signal

When conducting the PR operation of the parent partition, you must assert the m20k_ce_ctl signal for both the parent and child, including any child partitions that only become available in the incoming persona. You can accomplish this either by asserting the signal in the PR Region Controller IPs for both the parent and child, or by making the child signal a logical OR of the parent and child.

Figure 93. HPR Connections with Logical OR for Child Partitions

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