Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 12/04/2023
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3.10. Signal Tap Logic Analyzer Design Examples

Application Note 845: Signal Tap Tutorial for Intel Arria 10 Partial Reconfiguration Design includes a design example that demonstrates Signal Tap debugging with a partial reconfiguration design. The design example has one 32-bit counter. At the board level, the design connects the clock to a 50MHz source, and connects the output to four LEDs on the FPGA. Selecting the output from the counter bits in a specific sequence causes the LEDs to blink at a specific frequency example demonstrates initiating a DMA transfer. The tutorial demonstrates how to tap signals in a PR design by extending the debug fabric to the PR regions when creating the base revision, and then defining debug components in the implementation revisions.

Application Note 446: Debugging Nios® II Systems with the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer includes a design example with a Nios® II processor, a direct memory access (DMA) controller, on-chip memory, and an interface to external SDRAM memory. After you press a button, the processor initiates a DMA transfer, which you analyze using the Signal Tap logic analyzer. In this example, the Nios® II processor executes a simple C program from on-chip memory and waits for you to press a button.