Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 12/04/2023
Document Table of Contents Signal Tap Guidelines for PR Designs

Follow these guidelines to obtain the best results when debugging PR designs with the Signal Tap logic analyzer:
  • Include one .stp file per project revision.
  • Tap pre-synthesis nodes only. In the Node Finder, filter by Signal Tap: pre-synthesis.
  • Do not tap nodes in the default persona (the personas you use in the base revision compile). Create a new PR implementation revision that instantiates the default persona, and tap nodes in the new revision.
  • Store all the tapped nodes from a PR persona in one .stp file, to enable debugging the entire persona using only one Signal Tap window.
  • Do not tap across PR regions, or from a static region to a PR region in the same .stp file.
  • Each Signal Tap window opens only one .stp file. Therefore, to debug more than one partition simultaneously, you must use stand-alone Signal Tap from the command-line.