Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 10/02/2023

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3.5.1. Recompiling Only Signal Tap Changes

Certain Signal Tap configuration changes require a full recompilation of the design to implement. However, you can use the Start Recompile command to implement the following types of configuration changes without running a full design compilation.
Table 20.   Signal Tap Configuration Changes Not Requiring Full Compilation
Change the post-fit tap target Increase the number of post-fit targets
Change the post-fit tap inputs to a Basic AND trigger Change the post-fit tap inputs to a Basic OR trigger
Change an Advanced trigger (post-fit inputs or logic) Convert a pre-synthesis tap into a post-fit tap

Start Recompile appends Signal Tap node changes to the existing finalized snapshot, without changing placement and routing outside of the Signal Tap partition.

To recompile Signal Tap configuration changes only, follow these steps:

  1. Make supported changes to the Signal Tap configuration in the Signal Configuration pane, according to Signal Tap Configuration Changes Not Requiring Full Compilation.
  2. In the Signal Tap window, click Processing > Start Recompile, or click the Start Recompile button. A dialog box displays whether each change is Supported or Unsupported by Start Recompile.
    Figure 71. Signal Tap Toolbar Start Recompile Button and Command
    Figure 72. Recompilation Changes List
  3. If the Signal Tap configuration changes have a Status of Supported, click the Recompile button to recompile and implement only the Signal Tap configuration changes, as Recompilation Changes List shows.
  4. For any change with Status of Unsupported, you must either revert the change to Previous value, or click Processing > Start Compilation in Signal Tap to perform a full compilation to implement the change.
    Figure 73. Signal Tap Toolbar Start Compilation Button and Command