Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 10/02/2023

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5.5. LAI Core Parameters

The table lists the LAI file core parameters:

Table 32.  LAI File Core Parameters
Parameter Range Value Description
Pin Count 1 - 255 Number of pins dedicated to the LAI. You must connect the pins to a debug header on the board.

Within the device, The Compiler maps each pin to a user-configurable number of internal signals.

Bank Count 1 - 255 Number of internal signals that you want to map to each pin.

For example, a Bank Count of 8 implies that you connect eight internal signals to each pin.

Output/Capture Mode   Specifies the acquisition mode. The two options are:
  • Combinational/Timing—This acquisition mode uses the external logic analyzer’s internal clock to determine when to sample data.

    This acquisition mode requires you to manually determine the sample frequency to debug and verify the system, because the data sampling is asynchronous to the Intel-supported device.

    This mode is effective if you want to measure timing information such as channel-to-channel skew. For more information about the sampling frequency and the speeds at which it can run, refer to the external logic analyzer's data sheet.

  • Registered/State—This acquisition mode determines when to sample from a signal on the system under test. Consequently, the data samples are synchronous with the Intel-supported device.

    The Registered/State mode provides a functional view of the Intel-supported device while it is running. This mode is effective when you verify the functionality of the design.

Clock   Specifies the sample clock. You can use any signal in the design as a sample clock. However, for best results, use a clock with an operating frequency fast enough to sample the data that you want to acquire.
Note: The Clock parameter is available only when Output/Capture Mode is set to Registered State.
Power-Up State   Specifies the power-up state of the pins designated for use with the LAI. You can select tri-stated for all pins, or selecting a particular bank that you enable.