Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Debug Tools

ID 683819
Date 10/02/2023

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Document Table of Contents External Triggers

External trigger inputs allow you to trigger the Signal Tap logic analyzer from an external source.

The external trigger input behaves like trigger condition 0, in that the condition must evaluate to TRUE before the logic analyzer evaluates any other trigger conditions.

The Signal Tap logic analyzer supplies a signal to trigger external devices or other logic analyzer instances. These features allow you to synchronize external logic analysis equipment with the internal logic analyzer. Power-Up Triggers can use the external triggers feature, but they must use the same source or target signal as their associated Run-Time Trigger.

You can use external triggers to perform cross-triggering on a hard processor system (HPS):
  • The processor debugger allows you to configure the HPS to obey or disregard cross-trigger request from the FPGA, and to issue or not issue cross-trigger requests to the FPGA.
  • The processor debugger in combination with the Signal Tap external trigger feature allow you to develop a dynamic combination of cross-trigger behaviors.
  • You can implement a system-level debugging solution for an Intel FPGA SoC by using the cross-triggering feature with the ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5) software.