EPCQ-A Serial Configuration Device Datasheet

ID 683818
Date 10/01/2019
Document Table of Contents

1.1. Supported Devices

Table 1.  Supported Intel EPCQ-A Devices
Device Memory Size (bits) On-Chip Decompression Support ISP Support Cascading Support Reprogrammable Recommended Operating Voltage (V)
EPCQ4A 4,194,304 No Yes No Yes 3.3
EPCQ16A 16,777,216 No Yes No Yes 3.3
EPCQ32A 33,554,432 No Yes No Yes 3.3
EPCQ64A 67,108,864 No Yes No Yes 3.3
EPCQ128A 134,217,728 No Yes No Yes 3.3

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