Intel® MAX® 10 General Purpose I/O User Guide

ID 683751
Date 10/31/2022
Document Table of Contents PCI Clamp Diode

The Intel® MAX® 10 devices are equipped with optional PCI clamp diode that you can enable for the input and output of each I/O pin. You can use this diode to protect I/O pins during voltage overshoot.

The PCI clamp diode is available in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software for the following I/O standards:

  • 3.3 V LVTTL/3.3 V LVCMOS
  • 3.0 V LVTTL/3.0 V LVCMOS
  • 2.5 V LVTTL/2.5 V LVCMOS
  • 3.0 V PCI
  • 3.3 V Schmitt Trigger
  • 2.5 V Schmitt Trigger

Dual-purpose configuration pins support the diode in user mode if you do not use the pins as configuration pins for the selected configuration scheme. The dedicated configuration pins do not support the on-chip diode.