Turbo Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683734
Date 9/30/2021

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2.6.2. Decoder Simulation

  1. Go to the <example_design_directory>\c\ directory.
  2. Compile the C code:
    For LTE, type the following command:
    >> gcc -lm main_lte_dec.c -o run_dec
    For UMTS, type the following command:
    >> gcc -lm main_umts_dec.c -o run_dec
  3. Run the executable without arguments.
    Note: The executable reads /test_data/ctc_input_data.txt and /test_data/ctc_input_info.txt as inputs. The executable generates /test_data/ctc_decoded_output_gold.txt and ctc_output_et_info_gold.txtas output. The RTL simulation uses the same input .txt files. The output .txt file provides a golden output, which may be used to check the correctness of the output from RTL simulations.