eCPRI Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683685
Date 11/11/2021

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6. Registers

The eCPRI IP core registers are 32-bits wide and are accessible to you using the Avalon-MM interface. This table lists the registers available in the IP core. All unlisted locations are reserved.
Table 52.  Register Access Codes
Code Description
RW Read and write
RO Read only
RW1C Read, write, and clear. The user application writes 1 to the register bit(s) to invoke a defined instruction. The IP core clears the bit(s) upon executing instructions.
Table 53.  eCPRI IP Core Register Map
Offset Name
0x0000 eCPRI Version
0x0001 eCPRI Scratch
0x0002 eCPRI Common Control
0x0003 eCPRI Message 5 Control
0x0004 eCPRI TX Error Message
0x0005 eCPRI RX Error Message
0x0006 eCPRI Error Mask Message
0x0007 eCPRI Error Log Message
0x0008 eCPRI Error Message 5 Compensation Value 0
0x0009 eCPRI Error Message 5 Compensation Value 1
0x000A eCPRI Transport Delay 0
0x000B eCPRI Transport Delay 1
0x000C eCPRI Transport Delay 2
0x0010 Ethernet Frame Scratch
0x0011 Source MAC Address 0
0x0012 Source MAC Address 1
0x0013 Destination MAC 0 Address 0
0x0014 Destination MAC 0 Address 1
0x0015 Destination MAC 1 Address 0
0x0016 Destination MAC 1 Address 1
0x0017 Destination MAC 2 Address 0
0x0018 Destination MAC 2 Address 1
0x0019 Destination MAC 3 Address 0
0x001A Destination MAC 3 Address 1
0x001B Destination MAC 4 Address 0
0x001C Destination MAC 4 Address 1
0x001D Destination MAC 5 Address 0
0x001E Destination MAC 5 Address 1
0x001F Destination MAC 6 Address 0
0x0020 Destination MAC 6 Address 1
0x0021 Destination MAC 7 Address 0
0x0022 Destination MAC 7 Address 1
0x0023 VLAN Tag 0
0x0024 VLAN Tag 1
0x0025 VLAN Tag 2
0x0026 VLAN Tag 3
0x0027 VLAN Tag 4
0x0028 VLAN Tag 5
0x0029 VLAN Tag 6
0x002A VLAN Tag 7
0x002B Ethertype
0x002C IPv4 Dw0
0x002D IPv4 Dw1
0x002E IPv4 Dw2
0x002F IPv4 Source Address
0x0030 IPv4 Destination Address
0x0031 UDP Dw0
0x0032 UDP Port
0x0033-0x003C Reserved
0x003D MAC Packet Type Enable
0x003E RX Error