Intel Agilex® 7 Configuration User Guide

ID 683673
Date 4/28/2023

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5.7. Debugging Guidelines for RSU Configuration

Debugging Tips for RSU Configuration

Here are some debugging tips for RSU configuration:

  • In the event that the fallback to factory image fails, you can drive the Direct to Factory Image pin high followed by pulse nCONFIG low to initiate reconfiguration that loads the factory image directly from flash.
  • If loading the factory image fails due to factory image corruption, you can recover by reprogramming the quad SPI flash with the initial RSU flash image using the JTAG interface.
  • For every unsuccessful configuration, the nSTATUS asserts a low pulse to indicate configuration failure and the SDM proceeds to load the next image automatically. Do not assert nCONFIG low in an attempt to load the next application image. Maintain nCONFIG high all the time even when the nSTATUS is low (indicating a configuration failure).