Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition User Guide: Design Constraints

ID 683492
Date 1/10/2019
Document Table of Contents

1.1.1. Global Constraints and Assignments

Global constraints and project settings affect the entire Intel® Quartus® Prime project and all the applicable logic in the design. You often define global constraints in early project development; for example, when running the New Project Wizard. Intel® Quartus® Prime software stores global constraints in .qsf files, one for each project revision.
Table 1.   Intel® Quartus® Prime Tools to Set Global Constraints
Assignment Type Example New Project Wizard Device Dialog Box Settings Dialog Box Options Dialog Box
Project-wide Project files X   X  
  • Device Family
  • Top-level Entity
X X X  
  • Device
  • Fitter Effort
  • IO Standard
X X  
Simulation Vector input source     X  
Third-party Tools External Logic Analyzer       X
IP Settings Maximum Platform Designer (Standard) Memory Usage       X