Integer Arithmetic Intel® FPGA IP Cores User Guide

ID 683490
Date 4/01/2024
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5.2. Verilog HDL Prototype

The following Verilog HDL prototype is located in the Verilog Design File (.v) lpm.v in the < Quartus® Prime installation directory>\eda\synthesis directory.

module lpm_add_sub ( result, cout, overflow,add_sub, cin, dataa, datab, clock, clken, aclr );
parameter lpm_type = "lpm_add_sub";
parameter lpm_width = 1;
parameter lpm_direction  = "UNUSED";
parameter lpm_representation = "SIGNED";
parameter lpm_pipeline = 0;
parameter lpm_hint = "UNUSED";
input  [lpm_width-1:0] dataa, datab;
input  add_sub, cin;
input  clock;
input  clken;
input  aclr;
output [lpm_width-1:0] result;
output cout, overflow;