Integer Arithmetic Intel® FPGA IP Cores User Guide

ID 683490
Date 4/01/2024
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7. ALTECC (Error Correction Code: Encoder/Decoder) IP Core

Intel® provides the ALTECC IP core to implement the ECC functionality. ECC detects corrupted data that occurs at the receiver side during data transmission. This error correction method is best suited for situations where errors occur at random rather than in bursts.

The ECC detects errors through the process of data encoding and decoding. For example, when the ECC is applied in a transmission application, data read from the source are encoded before being sent to the receiver. The output (code word) from the encoder consists of the raw data appended with the number of parity bits. The exact number of parity bits appended depends on the number of bits in the input data. The generated code word is then transmitted to the destination.

The receiver receives the code word and decodes it. Information obtained by the decoder determines whether an error is detected. The decoder detects single-bit and double-bit errors, but can only fix single-bit errors in the corrupted data. This type of ECC is single error correction double error detection (SECDED).

You can configure encoder and decoder functions of the ALTECC IP core. The data input to the encoder is encoded to generate a code word that is a combination of the data input and the generated parity bits. The generated code word is transmitted to the decoder module for decoding just before reaching its destination block. The decoder generates a syndrome vector to determine if there is any error in the received code word. The decoder corrects the data only if the single-bit error is from the data bits. No signal is flagged if the single-bit error is from the parity bits. The decoder also has flag signals to show the status of the data received and the action taken by the decoder, if any.

The following figures show the ports for the ALTECC IP core.

Figure 6. ALTECC Encoder Ports

Figure 7. ALTECC Decoder Ports