Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Pro Edition: User Guide

ID 683456
Date 4/01/2024
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2.2. The Project Directory

The project directory ( <result>.prj) that the Intel® HLS Compiler Pro Edition outputs has four subdirectories.
Table 2.  Subdirectories within the .prj Directory
Directory Description
components Contains a folder for each component, and all HDL and IP files that are needed to use that component in a design.
verification Contains all the files for the verification testbench.
reports Contains the High-Level Design Reports. The High-Level Design Reports are a set of reports and viewers that you open in a web browser. Use the reports to analyze the synthesized hardware implementation of your components and tasks.
quartus Contains an Quartus® Prime project that instantiates the components. You can compile this Quartus® Prime project to generate more detailed timing and area reports.

Do not use the contents of this subdirectory to integrate your component in a design. Use the contents of the components directory.