Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Pro Edition: User Guide

ID 683456
Date 4/01/2024
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A.4. Reviewing Component Area Usage

The Area Analysis of System report (Area Analysis > Area Analysis of System) in the High-Level Design Reports (report.html) provides a detailed breakdown of the estimated FPGA area usage. It also provides information about key hardware features such as private memory configuration.

Note: The Area Analysis of Source report is deprecated. You can find the same information in this report in the Area Analysis of System report.

The estimated area usage information correlates with, but does not necessarily match, the resource usage results from the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software. Use the estimated area usage to identify parts of the design with large area overhead. You can also use the estimates to compare area usage between different designs. Do not use the estimated area usage information for final resource utilization planning.

The System entry in the Area Analysis of System report refers to all the components in the design. Expanding the System entry allows you to view all the components in the design.