Intel® High Level Synthesis Compiler Pro Edition: User Guide

ID 683456
Date 4/01/2024
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A.2.1.3. Reviewing Block Information

Use the Block Views in the System Viewer report to inspect the datapath of your design. The report shows the datapath within and between input nodes, clusters, and instructions that cannot be grouped into clusters.

Click a block in the Graph List pane to see the block in the Graph View pane.

Within a block, the report shows connections between instruction nodes and cluster nodes.

Click the different nodes and look at the Details panel to see the information about the node.

For instruction nodes, you can find the type of instruction with specific details. For example, on a stream RD or WR node, you can see the width, depth, name, scheduling info, stall-free attributes of a stream in the Details panel. For stallable nodes, the latency value provided is an estimate.

For cluster nodes, you can find the type of the cluster and other cluster attributes.

If your design has loops, the compiler encapsulates the loop control logics into loop orchestration nodes (labeled as Loop Orch) and the initial conditions of the loops to loop input nodes.