Vision Processing with the Canny Edge Detection Reference Design

ID 683433
Date 2/14/2015
Document Table of Contents

1.3.7. Programming the FPGA with the Canny Edge Reference Design

Ensure the ARM processor completes its boot process before programming the FPGA.
  1. Load the FPGA image from the Quartus II programmer: Tools > Programmer.
  2. Program the file top.sof
  3. To program the FPGA from the ARM processor:
    Note: Do not program the FPGA from the ARM processor if the ARM processor already has an FPGA image loaded.
    1. Ensure all MSEL dip switches are in the ON position.
    2. Ensure the program burn_fpga is available.
    3. Ensure the FPGA image canny_fpga.rbf is available.
      root@socfpga:~/altera# ./burn_fpga canny_fpga.rbf
      Burning FPGA image file canny_fpga.rbf
      Ensure all MSEL DIP switches are ON
      13685+1 records in
      13685+1 records out
      FPGA image burned from SD card!
      ARM-FPGA bridges are enabled!
      FPGA LED 0 and 1 are now ON to indicate that the FPGA is running.