Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Constraints

ID 683143
Date 4/01/2024
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2.1.2. Interface Planner General Tool Flow

Interface Planner's user interface guides you through the design planning steps. Use Interface Planner's Flow control to execute the main initialization, planning, and validation functions of the flow in sequence.
Interface Planner Flow Control

As you run each step in the Flow control, downstream commands and the Assignments, Plan, and Reports tabs become available. Interface Planner only allows you to run commands after completing any prerequisite steps in the flow. After you Initialize Interface Planner , you are prompted to confirm any project assignments that you made before planning starts. Disable or enable any imported project assignments on the Assignments tab to resolve any conflicts and evaluate different implementations.

Figure 8.  Interface Planner GUI

After you Update Plan with the project assignments, you are ready to place design elements onto the target device Chip View or Package View on the Plan tab. As you place design elements in the Plan tab, the Fitter verifies placement legality in real-time. Once planning is complete and validated, you export the constraints as a Tcl script for application in your project.

Note: The Interface Planner constraints you define do not apply to your project until you export and source them with the generated Tcl script.
Figure 9.  Interface Planner Chip View
Figure 10.  Interface Planner Package View

The following topics describe these interface planning flow steps in detail: