Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Constraints

ID 683143
Date 4/01/2024
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3.3.1. Importing and Exporting for PCB Tools

The Pin Planner supports import and export of assignments with PCB tools. You can export valid assignments as a .pin file for analysis in other supported PCB tools. You can also import optimized assignment from supported PCB tools. The .pin file contains pin name, number, and detailed properties.

Table 32.  Contents of .pin File

File Column Name


Pin Name/Usage

The name of the design pin, or whether the pin is GND or VCC pin


The pin number of the location on the device package


The direction of the pin

I/O Standard

The name of the I/O standard to which the pin is configured


The voltage level that is required to be connected to the pin

I/O Bank

The I/O bank to which the pin belongs

User Assignment

Y or N indicating if the location assignment for the design pin was user assigned (Y) or assigned by the Fitter (N)