Introduction to Intel® FPGA IP Cores

ID 683102
Date 4/03/2023
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1.9.5. Using NativeLink Simulation ( Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition)

The NativeLink feature integrates your EDA simulator with the Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition software by automating the following:
  • Generation of simulator-specific files and simulation scripts.
  • Compilation of simulation libraries.
  • Launches your simulator automatically following Intel® Quartus® Prime Analysis & Elaboration, Analysis & Synthesis, or after a full compilation.
Note: The Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition does not support NativeLink simulation. If you use NativeLink for Intel® Arria® 10 devices in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition, you must add the .qsys file generated for the IP or Platform Designer (Standard) system to your Intel® Quartus® Prime project. If you use NativeLink for any other supported device family, you must add the .qip and .sip files to your project.

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