Introduction to Intel® FPGA IP Cores

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Date 4/03/2023
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1.9.1. Supported Simulators

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software does not include a native simulator, but provides support for the specific RTL- and gate-level EDA simulators in Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Supported Simulators.

Intel also provides the Questa* - Intel® FPGA Edition simulator, a version of the Questa* Advanced simulator targeted for Intel FPGA devices. The Questa* - Intel® FPGA Edition simulator supports the Intel FPGA gate-level simulation libraries, and includes behavioral simulation, HDL test benches, and Tcl scripting support.

Table 7.   Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition Supported Simulators
Vendor Simulator Version Platform Supports

Siemens EDA

Verification IP
Aldec Active-HDL* 13.0 Windows* 64-bit No
Aldec Riviera-PRO* 2021.10 Windows, Linux, 64-bit No
Cadence Xcelium* Parallel Simulator 21.09.003 Linux 64-bit Yes
Intel Questa* Intel® FPGA Edition 2022.1 Windows, Linux, 64-bit Yes
Siemens EDA QuestaSim* Simulator2 2021.4 Windows, Linux, 64-bit Yes
Synopsys* VCS*, VCS MX S-2021.09-1 Linux 64-bit Yes
Table 8.   Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition Supported Simulators
Vendor Simulator Version Platform
Aldec Active-HDL* 10.3 Windows
Aldec Riviera-PRO* 2015.10 Windows, Linux
Cadence Incisive Enterprise* 14.20 Linux
Siemens EDA Questa* Intel® FPGA Edition 10.5b Windows, Linux
Siemens EDA ModelSim* PE 10.4d Windows
Siemens EDA ModelSim* SE 10.4d Windows, Linux
Siemens EDA QuestaSim* 10.4d Windows, Linux



2014,12-SP1 Linux
2 Also supports ModelSim* SE, Questa* Advanced, Core, Prime, and Ultra variants.