Introduction to Intel® FPGA IP Cores

ID 683102
Date 4/03/2023
Document Table of Contents

1.2.2. Checking the IP License Status

You can check the license status of all IP in an Intel® Quartus® Prime project by viewing the Assembler report.

To generate and view the Assembler report in the GUI:

  1. Click Assembler on the Compilation Dashboard.
  2. When the Assembler (and any prerequisite stages of compilation) complete, click the Report icon for the Assembler in the Compilation Dashboard.
    Assembler Report Icon in Compilation Dashboard
  3. Click the Encrypted IP Cores Summary report.
    Encrypted IP Cores Summary Report

To generate and view the Assembler report at the command line:

  1. Type the following command:
    quartus_asm <project name> -c  <project revision>
  2. View the output report in /output_files/<project_name>.asm.rpt.
    ; Assembler Encrypted IP Cores Summary                                 ;
    ; Vendor ; IP Core Name                                 ; License Type ;
    ; Intel  ; PCIe SRIOV with 4-PFs and 2K-VFs (6AF7 00FB) ; Unlicensed   ;
    ; Intel  ; Signal Tap (6AF7 BCE1)                       ; Licensed     ;
    ; Intel  ; Signal Tap (6AF7 BCEC)                       ; Licensed     ;