AN 851: Incremental Block-Based Compilation Tutorial: for Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA Development Board

ID 683079
Date 7/15/2019

1.3.5. Step 5: Preserve Timing-Closed Partitions

You can preserve the final snapshot of the partitions that meet timing requirements, to retain the same implementation in subsequent compilations.
You do not preserve the final snapshot for blinking_led_8s and blinking_led_16s because these are failing timing.

The Compiler preserves the final device utilization, placement, routing, and hold time fix-up for the partitions that you preserve. The preserved partition becomes the source for each subsequent compilation.

Follow these steps to preserve the timing-closed partitions:
  1. Click Assignments > Design Partitions Window.
  2. Select final as the Preservation Level for the blinking_led_2s, big_partition1_top, and blinking_led_4s partitions.
    Figure 12. Setting Partition Preservation Levels

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