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FPGA Optimization Guide for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits

ID 767853
Date 12/16/2022

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Introduction To FPGA Design Concepts

The FPGA Optimization Guide for Intel® oneAPI Toolkits provides guidance on leveraging the functionalities of SYCL* to optimize your design.

This document assumes that you are familiar with SYCL* concepts and application programming interfaces (APIs), as described in the SYCL* Specification version 1.2.1 by the Khronos* Group. It also assumes that you have experience in creating SYCL* applications.

To achieve the highest performance of your SYCL application for FPGAs, familiarize yourself with details of the underlying hardware. In addition, understand the compiler optimizations that convert and map your SYCL application to FPGAs.

For more information, refer to the Intel® oneAPI Programming Guide and SYCL* Specification version 1.2.1 (