The Internet of Things Worldwide with Intel Inside®

One of the foundations of the success of the Smart Cities partnership is the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable & Connected Cities, a multi-year research program Intel formed in 2012 with Imperial College and University College London to transform Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives into real-world urban applications. Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable & Connected Cities seeks to bring an interdisciplinary approach to enable a Smart City to be more connected and sustainable by combining methods from computer science, the social sciences, interaction design, and architecture in order to improve how cities are managed and maintained and enhance citizen well-being.

Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable & Connected Cities has many big questions, like how can technology help recognize, leverage, and support the hidden or forgotten resources of urban environments? And how can we use the increase in human-computer interaction to help people make informed decisions during their daily routines? Intel's capacity to build upon a foundation of common architecture and provide the end-to-end solutions necessary to visualize, share, analyze, and apply data can support the type of innovation needed to address questions like these.

Intel and Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable & Connected Cities are working together to optimize resource efficiency and enable new services that support and enhance quality of life for city dwellers. The Intel ecosystem provides the hardware, software, tools, systems integration, and network and cloud infrastructure necessary to accelerate development and deployment of solutions that deliver intelligence and security from device to cloud.

Turning the IoT promise into bottom-line benefits will enrich everyday life by increasing business productivity and improving government efficiency. By offering end-to-end solutions designed to address the challenges associated with realizing these opportunities, Intel is leading IoT development into reality. Intel delivers innovation that empowers cities to optimize lives.

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