Reimagine Customer Experiences with Banking Technology for Modern Needs

Transform banking with touchpoints that blend the digital and physical for better customer experiences.

Accelerate digital transformation in retail banking

The culture of banking has changed, especially with the rising adoption of digital and self-service channels.

Banks, credit unions, and brokerage offices are responding by transforming old branches with technologies that make services flexible and accessible. Intelligent banking technologies are also helping financial institutions bring services to more locations and gain new insights to improve their marketing strategies.

Future of Retail Banking

Analytics and AI in both the data center and the branch will take banking to a new level—think chatbots that can understand natural speech or kiosks that can prevent unauthorized users from making a transaction.

Even as digital banking is on the rise, brick-and-mortar locations will continue to play a crucial role in customer service. Digital experiences inside the branch create consistency with online and mobile channels, strengthening your brand and enhancing services for all customers.

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Take Control of Data Security

A data breach can put your customers’ personal and financial information at risk—and your reputation along with it. Intel® technology-based solutions have security built into every layer of our architecture, with features that can be enabled or disabled after initial deployment to create increased security flexibility.

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Dynamic Customer Experiences with Digital Signage

With high-definition video, fast-paced graphics, and new levels of interactivity, digital signage transforms a static branch or office into a dynamic visual environment.

Digital signage is an excellent way to deliver high-impact brand messaging and drive awareness of products, services, and promotions while customers are in the branch. And when paired with audience analytics, digital signage can help financial institutions understand customer response in real time and track the effectiveness of their messages.

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Streamlined IT Management with Thin Clients

In banking, thin client computing for ATMs and other devices can help simplify software management and reduce the demand on IT teams. Servers powered by Intel® Xeon® processors deliver the performance and virtualized resources to support a range of thin-client devices. This approach streamlines the processes of updating software and monitoring devices for security threats.

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Financial Services Resources for the Banking Industry

From using artificial intelligence to combat cybercrime to shaping blockchain technology, see how Intel® architecture-based solutions, delivered through our partners, are helping financial institutions unlock new value and deploy a digital edge.

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