Advances in High Performance Computing (HPC)

High performance computing (HPC) solves complex, real-world problems in innovative ways, with the scalable, flexible capabilities of Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, software tools, storage, and memory.

Power at Scale with Intel® HPC Technologies

The Intel® comprehensive HPC technology portfolio helps customers achieve outstanding results for demanding workloads and the complex problems they solve.

Intel® HPC hardware is designed to scale from stand-alone workstations to supercomputers with thousands of nodes. Deep learning acceleration is built right into the chip, so Intel® processors are a great choice for innovative solutions that combine HPC and AI.

Intel also provides Intel® oneAPI cross-architecture software development tools for HPC. Intel’s open software approach and collaboration with a wide range of partners worldwide support a broad ecosystem that helps developers realize more value from technology investments.

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The Future of HPC

HPC solutions continue to evolve, enabled by powerful, highly scalable technologies and tools. Intel provides the underlying hardware, software, and ongoing innovation that help to build the future of HPC and turn today’s vision into reality.