Retail Banking 4.0 integrates intelligent banking technologies as part of the branch of the future – such as interactive kiosks, smart digital signage and other digital solutions – to enable more personalized, frictionless and immersive banking experiences.

Using AI and analytics, these technologies learn customer behavior to enable real-time optimizations, gauge the success of promotional strategies and ensure the right staffing models. These tools deliver more convenient and exciting ways to share financial advice and products.

True retail banking transformation is achieved when smart solutions are connected and integrated. Connected data and insights will differentiate leading financial institutions from their competition.

A bank branch is a key channel in helping financial institutions drive growth and customer loyalty. Retail Banking 4.0 creates more engaged, loyal customers by enabling staff and differentiating banking experiences. For financial institutions, that means increased revenue and customer loyalty across their omni-experience. Retail Banking 4.0 solutions also improve the bank's operating efficiency by automating and streamlining many tasks. This enables bankers to be more productive and focused on the needs of their customers.