Expanding the Scope of Digital Signage

From retail to transit, corporate to education, any industry can share a message or capture revenue with digital signage. Powered by AI, analytics, and edge computing, businesses and advertisers now have near-real-time access to rich customer-centric data, such as dwell times, heat maps, and POS integration. And with the emergence of 8K display resolution, supported by powerful processing technology, the ability to deliver intelligent, immersive experiences on a large scale is defining a new level of customer experience and engagement.

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Digital Signage Impact across Industries

Digital signage solutions are reaching myriad industries, enabling businesses to inform, educate, and reach specific audiences.

Transforming the Shopping Experience with Smart Stores

With advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics, the smart store can help transform the shopping experience for customers. From intelligent displays and smart shelves to digital endcaps and 8K video walls, the smart store is equipped to learn customer behavior and enable near-real-time optimizations that promote more convenient and exciting ways to shop. The smart store can create happier, more loyal customers while also improving retailers’ operating efficiency by automating tasks.

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Empowering Students and Employees with Interactive Flat Panel Displays

Interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs)—with integrated compute, content sharing capabilities, and annotation tools— enable more collaborative and productive interactions among colleagues, students, and peers, regardless of physical location. In education, IFPDs support engaging and interactive learning experiences that encourage student participation and promote creativity. In corporate settings, an IFPD provides a secure platform for richer meetings, interactive brainstorming sessions, and other team collaborations. Additionally, IFPDs can be used to inform employees about new sign-ups, updates to work hours or shifts, dates for upcoming activities, and timely health tips.

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Enhancing Patron Experience with Digital-Out-of-Home Signage (DOOH)

Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising. Enabled by AI and analytics, DOOH signs reach specific audiences on the street, at the mall, at sporting events, and in many other high-traffic locations, including airports, train stations, and bus stops. 

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Expanding Reach with Video Walls

With digital signage growing tremendously, the use of video wall installations in retail, restaurants, and other public spaces to increase visibility and reach of promotions and messages is also trending up. Further, with next-generation 8K resolution video displays—offering 16x the resolution of Full HD, a higher dynamic range, and a higher video refresh for sharper images, more lifelike colors, and smoother motion—businesses can deliver immersive experiences that capture the attention of their customers more than ever.

Intel’s digital signage distributed architecture solution is made of multiple Intel-based media player units that can power a scalable number of screens, allowing businesses to display their messages or promotions in multiple places, and Intel® technology is 8K ready today. 

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Driving Sales and Satisfaction with Digital Menu Boards

The restaurant industry relies on digital display screens to help boost engagement, quickly update menus and pricing, endorse promotions, and provide other information.

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Creating Informative Journeys for Travelers

Displays such as video walls, standing signage, and overhead displays in transit hubs are well networked and capable of offering near-real-time informational updates and schedules critical for every journey, from departures and arrivals to weather, news, digital wayfinding, and even entertainment while waiting. In emergencies, displays can be used for safety and security alerts to assist travelers and transport operators. And advertisers can take advantage of displays to increase brand awareness and sales with targeted offerings and promotions. 

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