A smart store integrates intelligent retail technologies—such as interactive kiosks, smart shelves, smart digital signage and other digital solutions—to enable more personalized, frictionless and immersive shopping experiences.

Using AI and analytics, these technologies learn customer behavior to enable real-time optimizations, gauge the success of promotional strategies, ensure products are in stock and on shelves, and deliver more convenient and exciting ways to shop.

True retail transformation is enabled when all the smart store solutions are connected and integrated, and their data and insights are combined to differentiate leading retailers from their competition.

A smart store is the foundation of retail transformation. Smart stores create happier, more loyal customers and generate more traffic by enabling amazing, differentiating shopping experiences. For retailers, that means increased revenue. But smart store solutions also improve retailers’ operating efficiency by automating and streamlining many tasks, while enabling store staff to be more productive and focus on customer assistance.